“Julius Caesar” and “A Comedy of Errors” to be performed at CSUN

Raewyn Smith

This week, The Acting Company, a group of actors from New York that tours the states bringing classics to communities that may not have the chance to see them otherwise, will be on campus for five days, starting tomorrow. They will be presenting “Julius Caesar” May 1-3 and “The Comedy of Errors” May 4-6 at the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall. Tickets range from $25 to $70 and students can receive 40 percent discount with their student ID.

The Acting Company has been around for almost 40 years and has toured through 48 states and ten countries performing over 130 classics and new plays. The company was founded by Oscar-winning actor/producer/director John Houseman and Margo Harley. The company has received Tony Awards and Los Angeles Critics Circle Awards among other awards.

The two classics being presented at CSUN are both Shakespearean classics. Many students may already be familiar with “Julius Caesar” from reading it for classes. The company chose this play this year because it’s an election year, and they believe that this play ties into the demand of Americans for transparency from political leaders.

“The Comedy of Errors” can offer students a night of relaxation and fun. As one of Shakespeare’s comedies, it analyzes identity – with two sets of identical twins tragically separated at birth. The play covers the events of one day and follows a series of mishaps connected to mistaken identities.

Tickets can be bought at the VPAC.