CSUN features ‘Liu Bolin: The Sociology of the Invisible Body’ exhibition

CSUN features Liu Bolin: The Sociology of the Invisible Body exhibition

Terese Torgersen

Courtesy of Sigournee Grondin

Individuals were once well-respected and considered useful members of society, until they became unemployed and irrelevant, tells the Chinese artist Liu Bolin.

In his exhibition, “The Sociology of the Invisible Body,”Bolin features nine photographs and one silver statue at the CSUN Art Gallery through September 15.

All the photographs portray see-through and ghost-like individuals, which enhance the idea of being irrelevant to society.

Bolin gives a realistic image of the way society has changed lately. In one of his pieces called “Laid Off,” six factory workers stand in front of their shut down factory. The image “Pack Way” shows Bolin’s shadow with feet marks and car tracks in the sand.

At the end of the room is a sliver figure portraying a young boy who has leaves growing from his body. He stands in a flowerpot, the statue tells visitors how dependent humans are of mother nature.

Fernaz Sabet, a student assistant at the CSUN Art Gallery, believes the exhibition is unique, exhibiting strong imagery, and that both art and non-art majors should visit the exhibition.

  “The exhibition gives non-art students a different experience and they may be able to use the experience they gain in their own work and field,” Sabet said.“It’s good for students to learn about different areas of concentration.”

Munira Virji, a junior art education major was advised by her art teacher to visit the exhibition.

“I think the exhibition is very good and powerful,” Virji said.

Since opening day, 400 CSUN students, faculty and the general public, have viewed the exhibition. Mazie Goldberg, a freshman deaf studies major at Pasadena City College is one of them.

“I think students should visit this exhibition to learn about history and to educate themselves about other countries,” Goldberg said.

The exhibition will run through Sept. 15 at CSUN Art Gallery, Mon-Sat 12-4 p.m., Thurs 12-8 p.m.