Food apps you will crave for

Donna Rodriguez

Food is part of everyone’s daily routine; you can’t escape it because your body craves it. You need food to keep yourself energized before hitting the books. If you have extra time before your next class or just finished the school day and are in the mood for something good but aren’t sure what , these apps will help y o u find something that will satisfy your craving.
1.       Urbanspoon by Urbanspoon- Free
Urbanspoon uses GPS to find restaurants that are near you. Plug in your location and press “Nearby” to see every restaurant that is in your location. It shows Google maps and a list of restaurants going from the closest distance to the farthest. Can’t decide what you want to eat? Shake your smartphone and watch Urbanspoon decide for you. This application allows you to make reservations and will even show you the prices. For both iPhone and Android
2.       Hoppit by Hoppit, Inc.- Free
Are you someone who chooses a restaurant by the look of it? The Hoppit shows images of restaurants. Even if you are interested in something classy, hipster or romantic, the Hoppit shows you pictures of places in Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter if you are eating with your child or with a couple of friends, just plug that into the app and watch the pictures pop up. Only for iPhone
3.       Real Recipes by About, Inc- Free
If you are not interested in going out to eat, Real Recipes teaches you how to cook and gives you many recipes. This app gives you different options of meals. All you have to do is choose the main ingredient, prep method and the course. It will even give you tips on how to cook. It will show you the basics and how to keep your food safe from getting spoiled. For both iPhone and Android
4.       Easy Recipes by Pacific Spirit Media- Free
This app is limited in meals but it is an instructional video on how to cook meals like chicken wings, veggie burger and chocolate cakes for dessert. For both iPhone and Android