CSUN Faculty Art Exhibit allows students and professors a creative outlet

CSUN Faculty Art Exhibit allows students and professors a creative outlet

Nathan McMahon

Art-goers take in the large ceramic sculpture by Visual Arts Professor Patsy Cox at the Faculty Art Exhibit currently running in the Main Art Gallery on campus. Photo credit: Nathan McMahon / Daily Sundial

Eleven Faculty Members, seven mediums, about 75 individual pieces, and five years since the last faculty art show. This all adds up to a long gestating spout of creative release and the current faculty art show at the Main Art Gallery on campus.

Jim Sweeters, director of The Main Art Gallery, talked about the positive affect professor’s work can have on students.

“We like their (the faculty’s) students to see what they do in their work,” said Sweeters. He also pointed out the benefit to the professors. “This is what they do all the time, because in theory, they’re supposed to continue a career, and that informs their teaching.” said Sweeters. “This just gives them an outlet. A lot of them don’t have galleries and don’t particularly show that much, so, it does give them a place to show their work.”

Patsy Cox, a visual arts professor, has installed a 40-foot by 20-foot Seussian-like ceramic sculpture. It consists of about 35,000 individually handcrafted pieces.

Photography professor, Edward Alfano, talked about the process of editing his work down to a sizeable and showable collection for the faculty show.

“When I look at it, if I respond to it positively, as opposed to just trying to fill space or connect it with another photograph, it has validity.” said Alfano.

Eric Nunez, a senior majoring in 2D painting and drawing, felt that it helped with his own creative process.

“It gives me further perspective on how to improve my art and be more creative.” said Nunez.

The exhibit is an endeavor that is big enough to be split into two parts. Currently, five professors are displaying pieces from mediums like photography, ceramics, watercolors and pen and ink. This part of the show runs until Saturday Sept. 15 and the second part will open on Sept. 22 at the Main Art Gallery on campus. The gallery is open from Noon to 4pm Monday through Saturday and Noon to 7pm Thursdays.