String Theory to perform at FlyAway free of charge

String Theory to perform at FlyAway free of charge

Terese Torgersen

Courtesy of Christa Mae Photography

Performance group String Theory will perform their act “Composition of Sound + Space” at Van Nuys FlyAway on Sept. 22 and 23.

The bus station will be transformed into a musical instrument and an interactive performance environment for travelers, visitors and the bus station’s staff.

String Theory is a hybrid performance group that transform music and dance into multi sensory experience, using signature sonic sculptures,” said Holly Rothschild, choreographer/director of String Theory.

The group design and build their own instruments. The event will include an 80ft Harnass Harp made by instrument designer Luke Rothschild. The harp will be attached to the roof of FlyAway’s parking structure.

String Theory will perform a blend of genres from classic to pop to world music.

“The performance will move around and through the terminal making the audience active participants by following the music movement and sound sculpting,” Rothschild said.

Rothschild’s idea behind “Composition of Sound + Space” was to create a show based on how the FlyAway looks and sounds like.

In the beginning of the performance the audience will hear pre-recorded music made from found sound at the bus station.

“The sounds are from people coming and going, and in motion as well as ambient sound,” Rothschild said. “The movement is being created based on images and feelings that are evocative of traveling to tie in with the space.”

“Composition of Sound + Space” will be shown at the FlyAway at 7610 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys at 6 p.m. to 7:20 p.m. on Sept. 22 and 23.