Pop Culture Opinion: Lady Gaga launches recycled art

Luis Campos

Courtesy of MCT

Once upon a time, there was a New York City girl who dreamt of becoming a modern day pop star. She would grow up to briefly attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to create an uninspired persona that would constantly be compared to iconic figures.
    This is the fractured fairy tale of how Lady Gaga continues to fool her fans to go gaga for Gaga.
    At the end of New York Fashion Week, Lady Gaga entered the lobby of the Guggenheim Museum to promote the launch of her first fragrance with shirtless men wearing tight leather pants and shoulder harnesses who appeared to be waiters that night. Gaga was sound asleep in a black velvet bed inside a giant replica of her Fame perfume bottle.
     Videos captured by fans during a live Ustream showed her celebrity friends caressing her hands as French music played in the background. The launch of her first fragrance, Fame, turned awkward when she peed in a champagne bucket. The rest of her performance proved she is a copycat.
      “Lady Gaga sleeps for almost an hour while making reference to Sleeping Beauty and Andy Warhol’s ‘Sleep’ movie,” said the Haus of Gaga website. “…There’s really nothing much to talk about.”
    The problem is there is something to talk about: Taras Polataiko, a Canadian-Ukraine artist, performed “Sleeping Beauty” at the National Art Museum of Ukraine this past month where single men tried to wake her up with a single kiss.
   Both artists share a similar interest by recreating the fairy tale to engage their audience. Somehow, Gaga’s performance gained mainstream attention since she is known to be a controversial performer. But, individuals may rapidly acknowledge that her performance is a copy and paste routine created by the Ukraine artist whose performance was a political undertone for the nation to one day be awaken by true freedom.  
    Perhaps, Lady Gaga was never aware of Polataiko’s performance and wanted to shine new meaning to performance art. Even though, her legacy of imitating others may easily be laughed at online.
     As she continues to be an antagonist entertainer, her career continues to prove otherwise. Gaga may be tired of individuals thinking she is a cliché by recycling Madonna’s 1980s wardrobe and David Bowie’s iconic lightning bolt. How about calling it recycled?
   In Gaga’s defence, she is probably recycling iconic material by releasing fresh, raw and reductive music for her adoring fans to believe that she is a mastermind when creating art.  
   “Let me tell you something,” said Lady Gaga to NME magazine last year. “If you fucking rip my hair bow and my wig off my fucking head, my shoes, my bra, every single thing on my body, and you throw me on a piano with a microphone, I will fucking make you cry.”
    She may continue to try and make the same excuse about how she’s always 100 percent Lady Gaga. But, her little monsters appear to be gullible to believe that she is original when the only blatant difference is that she is lying in a giant perfume bottle.  
Lady Gaga is simply attaching her alter ego’s name to things others have done.
     Time and time again, she continues to prove others that she has been caught red-handed by “recycling” someone else’s art. Even if she claims that her outlandish outfits, weirdness and publicity stunts are not what construct Lady Gaga, rather her stage presence and charisma is what she contributes to the music industry.
    Gaga can prove herself by following her own advice, to get up on stage as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and not her alter ego and sing an original song that isn’t note-for-note a Madonna, Britney Spears or Shania Twain song.