Drinks to wake the dead

Alex Curran

What did we do on Halloween the years we were too old to trick or treat but too young to drink? Luckily we’re past those awkward years and Halloween is a day to celebrate again.

We’ve replaced trick or treating with partying and candy for alcohol. The holiday that was awesome as a child is even better as an adult. Here are a couple drink recipes that will ensure a headache during your Nov. 1 morning class.

The first drink is a Halloween staple: The Brain Hemorrhage shot. For those unfamiliar with the shot, it basically looks like a floating brain with blood oozing out of it.

The ingredients you will need are peach schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Grenadine.
Step 1: Fill the shot about halfway with peach schnapps.
Step 2: Use a straw to slowly and carefully transfer the Bailey’s onto the top of the shot so it floats on the peach schnapps. After about five or six transfers, the Bailey’s should start to look like a brain.
Step 3: Drizzle some grenadine over the top to make the brain bleed.
Once you’re through admiring and showing off your work, throw the shot back and make another.

For those that don’t have the money or patients for fancy Halloween drinks, I give you Radioactive Bulldog. For this drink, all you need is a Red Bull and Kiwi Lemon Mad Dog 20/20, Elliott Smith’s favorite bum wine.
Step 1: Drink the MD 20/20 to the top of the label, much like you would do to a 40 when making a Brass Monkey.
Step 2: Fill your MD 20/20 with Red Bull. Swish the concoction around a little and you have a great alternative to the Four Loko original recipe.
This drink is perfect for Halloween because the green glow and taste of the Kiwi Lemon Mad Dog makes it seem like you’re drinking plutonium.