Horror flicks for Halloween night

Donna Rodriguez

It is that time of the year again.  Houses are decorated with pumpkins and witches, the stores are stocked with costumes and parties are running wild. If you find yourself not wanting to go out on Halloween night, consider staying home watching horror films that you might never consider watching.

Pick up your favorite food and candy, and cozy up in front of the television with these films that are perfectly made for Halloween.
From ghosts to serial killers, these films will bring fear to your Halloween night.

1. The Caller (2011)
After moving into an apartment Mary Kee begins to get phone calls from a woman whose identity might seem unreal. The revelation of this mysterious phone caller disrupts Mary’s already troubled life.

This film takes an interesting twist on ghosts who try to contact the living. This mysterious ghost is emotionally unstable and has the power to change the future. Every time the phone rings there is anticipation that it’s not the ghost calling.

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2. Forget Me Not (2009)
After Sandy Channing’s friends begin to die and vanish from ever existing, she has to figure out why a vengeful spirit is after her.

These spirits are a mixture of the ghosts from House on Haunted Hill (1999), Silent Hill (2006) and the Grudge. These particular entities have human like qualities, which give them an advantage when they stalk their next victim.

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3. Fear Island (2009)
What happens when five friends go on a secluded island? They get killed off by an unknown killer who is out for revenge. The secret of two brothers risks the lives of group.

Once you feel you got the whole story figured out you get blindsided by the actual truth. The mystery of the killer becomes a mystery in its own. This film keeps you on your toes and you never know who will be next and who is meant to survive.

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4. Deadheads (2011)
Mike Kellerman wakes up to find out he is a zombie and is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. He and his new zombie friend Brent are the only zombies who still have human like thoughts. They go on an adventure to find Mike’s one and only love.

This films shows love can never die. It is a romantic comedy about a zombie doing everything he can track down his girlfriend. The audience gets to see the film in the perspective of a zombie. There are plenty of laughable moments and even moments of sadness for the zombies.

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5. Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Five friends decide to take a trip in a deserted cabin and find out the horrors that hide beneath the grounds of the cabin.

This film reinvents every slasher and supernatural horror films. It puts five friends in a secluded area but gives them control over their own fate.

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6. The Shrine (2010)
American journalists visit a village in Poland to investigate the disappearances of backpackers, who have been victims of human sacrifice. On their arrival they discover that they should fear more than human sacrifice.

The mystery of this film will keep you interested while the gruesome scenes will have you turning away.

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7. Grave Encounters (2011)
Paranormal investigators visit a haunted hospital for their reality show. As the night progresses they discover to be the next victims of the ghosts who were once demented patients.

This movie is filmed as a documentary. This fictional movie takes the idea of the show Ghost Hunters but it shows more than floating orbs. With the cameras that are installed all over the hospital the audience is in a position to see things that not even the characters in the film see.

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8. White (2011)
Pink Dolls, a girl band, were down on their luck until they discover a video with an old song and decide to take it as their own. Now one by one the girls in the band are beginning to have accidents by a ghost related to the song.

This Korean film, with English subtitles, will have you glued onto the television set. The question of why these girls are dying and how their deaths are connected to the song continues to replay in your mind.

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9. The Horsemen (2009)
A detective is sent on a case to track down a serial killer who tortures and murders his victims. Soon he discovers that these murders aren’t random and are connected to Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This film doesn’t use the fear factor but more of the gruesome images. The audience will be taken in an adventure to uncover the truth behind the murders.

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10. Haunting of Whaley House (2012)

A group of friends investigate the most haunted house in town to prove that the ghosts that dwell there are real. When they get trapped they find out not only are the ghosts real but they aren’t friendly.
These ghosts can possess and control the living and they will not stop until they get what they want.

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