Students with businesses…it’s possible

Regina Ahn

>>CORRECTION: The business featured in this article is not an online advertising agency and was never a family business, Victoria Khaze is the sole creator.

An entrepreneur is defined as someone who risks potential initiatives with a business or many businesses. When that word comes to mind, many do not think of someone who has a full load of midterms to study for or classes to go through all week. Some students here at CSUN have shown that it is in fact possible.
Catching CSUN accounting major,Timothy Rhyme, on a free moment seemed fairly difficult. Juggling through classes and being a part of an intense accounting curriculum, it was his

Photo Courtesy of First Dirt

level of professionalism that was abrupt and apparent during our conversation. Although seemingly exhausted, he brightened up as soon as we started talking about his passion… music. Rhyme, originally from Sacramento, is a self-made owner of his own record label titled First Dirt, which was established in 2006. Rhyme said he took it upon himself to take his love of hip hop music to a life long career. “I put little pieces together, whether it was fundraisers, setting up tours, and eventually selling merchandise that produced positive results.” he said. “A lot of people in this business is in it for the wrong reason” Rhyme said. His childhood passion and his  tight knit group of friends is what he claims drove him to produce, create, and perform under a label that he was proud to stand behind. As a recent So-Cal resident and student, he keeps himself busy with school work maintaining an A average GPA, and scheduling whatever venues he can. His biggest struggles so far have been to really mesh with the LA’s hip hop scene, while maintaining his hectic life style. He said to keep everything in order he prioritizes his time and giggles as he stated “I really have no social life, my business is my fun.”

Victoria Khaze, a junior business marketing major officially started in Rhode Island with her business Originally a family business, Khaze recently took the reigns as the owner of this online advertising agency. With the help of live models and/ or “live mannequins,” the business is hired by companies, parties, and whomever to be a “live walking talking billboard.”  What she believes has set her apart from other entrepreneurs is her drive to succeed, not for the money, but for the challenge to be creative. “I don’t think anyone really does it only for the money… I really love my job, that’s it” said Khaze.

“Me in a cubicle would be instant death,” said Lizette Hernandez, a graduating English Literature senior at CSUN, owns her own catering business for special events. A graduate of culinary school in 2009, Hernandez said she grew up with a passion for baking. Her biggest influence was her grandfather. “I remember he would come home from a long day of work to cook for his family… my most fond memory is of him telling me the secret ingredient to all is love.” As she prepares to graduate and thinks about possibly venturing to graduate school, Hernandez finds herself wanting to bake during the day and be an English professor at night. Although her schedule is incredibly hectic, Hernandez said “there’s some days when I’m in zombie mode and I don’t get to sleep, but when I make a delivery and see that bright glow of happiness it reminds me of how much I love what I do.” The determination, the passion behind all of her creations proves to be why she is a student entrepreneur.