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‘The Walking Dead’ recap, (episode 5) spoiler alert

This week’s “The Walking Dead” gets our attention right away, with a surprise that will shock the viewers.  The Governor’s daughter, who is hidden away in the house, is a walker.  As a party atmosphere sweeps across Woodbury, we are transported back to the prison and the newborn baby.

Daryl and Maggie set out to find formula for the baby.  Rick’s grief turns into rage, going through and slashing walkers with no remorse.

During Woodbury’s party, Michonne goes through the Governor’s house, taking back her swords and looking for evidence against him.  She finds a list of those bitten in his diary, but must hide as she hears Milton, Merle, and the Governor, who discuss an experiment that Milton is working on and it’s necessary postponement.

Michonne’s later discovers a group of caged walkers, who she releases and goes about killing, decapitating heads in a gory mess, eventually getting caught.  A discussion sets off between Michonne and the Governor about staying, which drags Andrea into it.

Back at the prison, Glenn starts digging graves for the dead, while Rick is still in his grief-filled rage killing walkers inside.  Hershel and Glenn have a discussion that shows how close they have become, and a glimpse inside Glenn’s head, saying how he would give up any number of people to save one from their group.

Glenn finds Rick in a catatonic state inside the prison, putting fear into Glenn and pushing him away, and eventually just walking away farther into the prison.

Daryl and Maggie find a local house, pilfer the formula out of it, and bring it back to the waiting unnamed baby.

Andrea refuses to leave with Michonne, saying she can’t survive in the world out there anymore, setting her off on her own leaving Andrea with the warning that “not everything is what it seems here.”

We see a new side of Daryl as he holds the baby in his arms, feeding it, which even surprises the other survivors.  Carl starts suggesting names, mostly names of all the women who have died so far, including Carol who has yet to be found.

Rick goes looking for Lori’s body, but finds that she has been eaten by a very full zombie.  He proceeds to kill the walker, ripping open its stomach trying to find pieces of his now deceased wife.  The episode ends with a puzzling moment, Rick picking up a ringing rotary phone, and saying “hello,” his first words of the episode.

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