‘The Walking Dead’ recap (episode 6, season 3) spoiler alert

Casey Delich

This week’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ finally intersects the town of Woodbury with Rick’s group in the prison. The Governor sends Merle and a posse out in order to kill Michonne, she even sends them a biter-gram “GO BACK,” on their hunt for her.  Goading her on with “her little pig sticker,” Michonne kills two in the posse, leaving Merle and Neil, a newbie, to track her down.

Rick talks on the phone, with a group that says it’s in a good place, and pleads a case to be taken in, waiting for a call back.  In what seems like moments of hallucinations, the phone calls help Rick overcome and talk about everything he has done up to this point, the killing of innocent people and the loss of Lori.

Andrea asks to contribute to help Woodbury survive, wanting to work the wall to keep up her sharpshooting skills.  Needing to learn how to shoot a bow in order to work the wall, Lori is teamed up with a regular, fed up with the slowness of the regular she jumps over the wall and stabs a walker.

Hershel credits Rick with saving his life, and tries to help Rick overcome the loss of Lori.  Rick tries to explain the phone calls to Hershel. Hershel offers to sit there and see about these phone calls, to which Rick refuses.

A fight between Merle and Michonne is broken up by walkers, which are easily subdued by both parties. Merle wants to go home saying that Michonne is dead, but Neil wants to continue after her.  Neil refuses to leave and lie to the Governor, forcing Merle to shoot him dead.

Michonne stumbles upon the same little store that Maggie and Glenn are at picking up supplies, and watches as they are confronted by Merle. Both are taken hostage by Merle back to Woodbury.

The sexual tension that has persisted between Andrea and the Governor in season three finally comes to a head, ending with them in bed.

Able to “tell Lori over the phone” how he feels about her and what mistakes he has made, Rick is able to come to terms with her death, and goes to protect Carl and the baby.

Carol, long thought dead by all those in the group, is found barely alive by Daryl, hiding in a closet.  He carries her out to safety.

Rick reemerges ready to lead the group again, taking over parental duties of his children. Rick takes his daughter out to the courtyard, where a lone figure stands out in a sea of walkers, Michonne.