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‘The Walking Dead’ recap (Episode 8, season 3) spoiler alert

Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” episode was all about action and reunions. It was the mid-season finale, the next episode won’t be on until sometime in February. Tyreese, a character from the original comic series, and a group of survivors open the show making their way through the woods fending off walkers.

They stumble upon a building to escape the walkers, but where they are is unclear. Maggie and Glenn are now allowed to sit in the same room together, where Maggie mentions one of the main themes of the show. Maggie reflects that though they are afraid of walkers they tend to forget what people can do to each other. They arm themselves with bone fragments off the dead walker Glenn killed last episode.

Rick and the group get into Woodbury looking for Maggie and Glenn, where they must subdue the town’s people who discovers they are in town. Maggie and Glenn attack Merle and his assistant with the bone fragments as they are to be escorted out of the room, alerting the entire town. However they fail to escape and a group of guards surround Maggie and Glenn, taking them to a room to execute them. Rick’s group finds where they are, setting off smoke bombs in order to rescue them before they are taken care of. Andrea wants to help out but is rebuffed by the Governor, sending her to do bed checks instead of joining the hunt.

Glenn informs Daryl that Merle is the one who beat him up and was about to execute Maggie and him. Daryl wants to go see his brother and Rick informs him that he needs him and asks if he is with him, to which Daryl replies yes. Michonne has found her way into the Governor’s house, and lays in wait for the Governor to return, katana in hand. A gunfight ensues as Rick’s group tries to escape the town, between what seems like the entire town and their group. As the group is escaping, Rick has a hallucination of Shane shooting Oscar, who dies helping others climb over the wall.

Back at the prison, Carl goes and checks screams in the tombs of the prison. He stumbles upon Tyreese’s group in the generator room fighting off walkers, and leads them to safety.

A simple thud in the Governor’s house leads Michonne to the discovery of the Governor’s biggest secrets. She discovers his walker head aquarium and the cage where his walker daughter is kept. The Governor comes in just as Michonne is about to kill the daughter and asks Michonne for mercy.

The Governor’s daughter is killed and a struggle between Michonne and the Governor ensues, knocking over his zombie head collection. She reaches for a piece of glass and jams it through his eye and as she goes for the kill, Andrea comes in and a stalemate takes place between the former friends. Michonne leaves as Andrea surveys the scene in the room, and the Governor cries with his daughter in his arms and glass sticking out of his eye.

Tyreese’s group gets into a safe part of the prison, where one of its members dies from her bite wound and Carl locks them into their own private part of the prison.

As Rick’s group reunites outside the prison, Michonne shows up again, and we learn that Daryl is missing.

The Governor huddles some townspeople together at the walker fight arena and claims that terrorists have invaded the town, and accuses Merle of being a terrorist. Daryl is brought out to face Merle and the crowd chants “kill them,” as a stunned Andrea looks on.

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