Ke$ha’s new album ‘Warrior’ is a party soundtrack

Luis Campos

Only three years have passed since individuals were first introduced to Ke$ha’s No. 1 single “Tik Tok,” which ruled the radio in 2010. The San Fernando Valley native, who “was actually born in the bathroom at a party,”still dominate all party seekers in her sophomore album, “Warrior.” Kesha not only is providing fans with a reckless good time, but one could imagine, from hearing this, that she is years into her career with this masterful album.
The album institutes there will be more glitter, chaos and all-nighters for years to come with a tracklist that truly defines “Ke$ha” as a modern pop star.
“Warrior” is proof of her dedication and technique in mastering pop music. Individuals may expect an album that characterizes her use of rapping as homage to the Beastie Boys, and autotune as a failure to sing, however, Kesha proves she is not a manufactured artist who needs costumes and wigs. What she is known for is writing music about parties and booze, and this album is no exception.
The new album starts with the track “Warrior,” which has all the qualities for an eargasmic pop record. And, in true Dr. Luke and Max Martin fashion, the song contains dubstep. After listening to fan favorites like “Die Young,” which debuted at No.  3 in the Billboard Hot 100, and her second single, “C’mon,” it becomes clear that Kesha has evolved into an artist with innovative sound. Her lyrical schemes surface around metaphors encouraging individuals to live as if it were their last night in the world. Songs like “Crazy Kids,” co-written by, express a desire for life combined with a catastrophe that is vastly approaching. Also, it eliminates any use of autotune reflected in her previous album, “Animal,” where it was all about sounding as “non-human” as possible.
“Dirty Love” featuring Iggy Pop, a pioneer for punk music, is based on the title itself, wanting to have dirty sex with no strings attached. Aficionados will be teleported to the Haight-Ashbury free love movement after listening to this song.
“Warrior” is an astonishing pop record, her longtime fans will approve of the edgier and cooler sound, but those who have never considered themselves as a fan of hers will have trouble agreeing.
Other songs that highlight the YOLO pop starlet’s album, are “Wonderland,” “Supernatural” and “Love Into the Night,” which showcases her raw persona in country-like ballads combined with Ke$ha pop.

Those listening to “Warrior” will figure out the album’s capability to impact pop culture. Take my words for it, 2013 will be the year of Ke$ha, and if I were you I would purchase the album and have your own Ke$hafied rave outdoors.