Gifts for under $25 that will never disappoint

Jacqueline Kalisch

The holidays are here and there’s nothing like online shopping to do the last minute trick. Here are eight unique gifts ideas, to spice up your holiday season:

DIY Guitar Pick Punch for $24.99 allows you to punch out a guitar pick out of almost anything. Available at

Quirky Stem Hand Juice $4.99

Want to add some zest into your life? The Quirkey Stem Hand Juice will no longer have your tired hands squeeze the juice out of your citrus fruits. Instead, all you have to do is stab your choice of fruit and suck the life out of it with every spray onto your dish. Impress your girlfriend, boyfriend or dog this holiday season with the mentality, “I CAN add zest to our life.” This product can be purchased on

Touch Screen Gloves$4.99

Tired of freezing your hands off while sending that very important text on your touch screen phone? Keep your hands warm and toasty this holiday season with this gift given by the text gods themselves called Touch Screen Gloves. Now you can use your smartphone while standing out in the snow or walking during the rain. Well, the weather might stop you from doing that but you know texting with your gloves on won’t. This product can be purchased on

Wilton Nonstick 6-Cavity Ice Cream Cookie Bowl $11.08

I know what you’re thinking. What can I give someone they will cherish forever? Well, look no further with those hungry eyes. Wilton Nonstick Ice Cream Cookie Bowl is the perfect holiday gift to give this season or any season for that matter. You know that moment when you have scooped the last lick of ice-cream off of your unflattering non-edible bowl and you sit there saying to yourself, “I wonder if my roommate will do the dishes tonight?” Wonder no further, with the Wilton Nonstick Ice Cream Cookie Bowl you can just eat the bowl after your ice-cream is finished and never bother your roommate with the dishes again. This product can be purchased at

Frozen Shot Glass Ice Cube Tray $12

Don’t you hate it when your party at the end of the night looks like a greek wedding just happened with all the broken glass? Well, instead of using glass at your next party there is always the Frozen Shot Glass option! Guests can never complain again about the liquor being too warm when the glass is entirely made out of ice. This product can be purchased at

Konitz Classic Chalk Talk Mug $18.43What’s a gift idea list without the obscure mug option? Not much, so for all the mug and non-mug collectors out there the Konitz Classic Chalk Talk Mug should be in your virtual shopping cart. Imagine waking up to a fresh cup of coffee with “Good morning” or “Get up! You’re late to your 9-5 job” written on it. The messages are endless and it can continue throughout the day with just a piece of chalk. It gets even better, it is dishwasher and microwave safe. So, sit back and relax as you enjoy your unique message with a cup of joe inside. This product can be purchased at

Shot Glass Checker Set $22.95

Remember how you ruled at checkers when you were a kid playing sober? Well, now you are a college student and playing sober shouldn’t be an option. The Shot Glass Checker Set is designed to be a game only for winners because even if you embarrassedly lose, you still win at being the laugh of the party. It is the perfect gift for the antisocial friend at parties. There’s nothing like playing a game of chess, especially a shot for every loss. This product can be purchased at

DIY Guitar Pick Punch $24.99

Being a musician is tough already as it is, especially when you’re majoring in it in college. But you know what doesn’t have to be tough? Losing your guitar picks because now you can make it yourself with DIY Guitar Pick Punch. It can punch through any credit cards, grocery store club cards and any other plastic material. It makes for the perfect gift for any day of the year but this adds a special touch to those with a  music loving heart. This product can be purchased at