Green Party’s Camejo speaks at CSUN

Micah Flores

Green party gubernatorial candidate Peter Miguel Camejo does not want Americans to throw their votes away.

He said a vote for Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger or Democratic Treasurer Phil Angelides is a vote that may as well be tossed.

“A candidate can’t spoil an election unless he wins,” he said to welcoming chuckles from an estimated CSUN crowd of about 60.

Camejo capped off a series of brief speeches by other Green Party governmental hopefuls at the University Union’s Grand Salon on the evening of Oct. 9. The event was sponsored by the CSUN Greens, a club that represents the political party on campus.

Echoing the Greens’ platform of distain for the “corrupt two party system,” Camejo emphasized the need for radical change in America.

“We live under totalitarian rules that are designed to make people think they live in a democracy,” he said. “We have a controlled press and a government that does not reveal the facts.”

Referencing the Oct. 7 televised governmental debate – Camejo was not allowed to participate – between Schwarzenegger and Angelides, Camejo said the men reminded him of two idiots talking to each other.

At least one student in the audience expressed support for Camejo’s remarks.

“He covered issues that aren’t normally covered by the status quo two party system,” said Omar Ramirez, a CSUN Chicano/a Studies graduate student. “Greens are people of color, the poor and the working class.”

Ramirez said he appreciated Camejo’s humor in approaching all of the issues that are neglected by people of the Republican and Democratic parties.