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Unique gift ideas for your valentine

College students have enough to worry about at the start of a semester without having to stress about what overpriced item to purchase for their significant other, or what crowded restaurant they need to make reservations at. Here are some ideas to make an impact, while keeping it simple this Valentines Day.

Go Card-hunting Together

Instead of buying gifts individually, spend this time together. Go card-browsing as a unit. Go to your local grocery store or Hallmark and read off classic or cheesy cards to each other until you find the one that properly describes the way you feel. Whether or not you decide to buy them is up to you. You will have fun reading them out loud together and discover, with limited pressure, what your partner finds romantic and what they find corny.

Make a “Romance-Boost”Jar

Write 20 to 50 activities you want to do with your partner on individual pieces of paper and fold them up. Keep the ideas creative, yet simple. For example, “Try a new food that is foreign to both of us” or “Watch a Harry Potter Film of my choice.” Have your partner do the same. Place all of your ideas in an empty mason or pickle jar and label it with your names or something that epitomizes your relationship. Make a commitment to pick one activity during specific time of the week that you are both free. This will help to keep your relationship fresh and encourage romance long after Valentines day.

If you want to make it a surprise gift for your Valentine, give them a “This is Why I Love You” jar and write as many things about them that you love on different pieces of paper. Make the reasons as specific and genuine as possible. This time, give them the jar and tell them to pick out a piece of paper every time they are feeling insecure about your relationship or just need a pick-me-up. You can add “reasons” to the jar every time you think of a new one, adding longevity to the gift.

Find “Old LA”

Spend a day with Herb Lester Associates’ map “How to Find Old LA,” for $5.43 (or 4 euros) featured on the Conde Nast Traveler’s website. The map takes you on a tour of 39 locations throughout Los Angeles that were haunts for old-Hollywood romances and brawls for some of the most famous starlets and gangsters in the 1920s. Included are dive bars, ballrooms, “movie-palaces,” and even pizza joints. You and your loved one can re-live, and re-imagine the glamor and romance through a historic self-guided tour of the city.

Get all Dressed Up and Stay In

Going out on Valentines Day can be more hassle than its worth, but it doesn’t mean you have to resort to take-out and pajamas. Make an effort to get dressed up for each other and then create your own dance floor inside. This way, only your Valentine can make fun of your dance moves.

Volunteer Together

Instead of limiting your love to each other, volunteer at your local animal shelter or food bank on the 14th. You can help others while bonding with each other. There are plenty of options at Just type in your zip code to find many volunteer opportunities.

Give Your Greeting Card Some Extra “Love”

Get your greeting card from Loveland, Colo this Valentines Day. Order a card from and the company will send a card to your intended recipient (with your special message) just as if you sent your own card straight from Loveland! You will get the official cachet or stamp of the 2013 Loveland Valentine re-mailing program. This is a way to prove to your loved one that you didn’t wait until the last minute to get them something (even though you can order online up until February 12). It costs $8.50 for one card, including shipping and handling.

Other Gift Ideas

Getting a subscription for a special interest magazine that you know your partner loves or committing them to a year of Netflix is always a great, easy and rather inexpensive gift. If you want to go even simpler, go to your local 99 Cent Store or Dollar Tree and stock up on Valentines Day goodies. Be creative with what they have to offer and make a goodie bag of Valentines Day treats for under $10. It’s a one stop shop and it’s much cheaper and more personal than a prewrapped gift from a specialty store.

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