You should experience the CA Honeydrops

Cynthia Gomez

New music is everywhere nowadays. Everyone is capable of creating music by simply pushing a button but just because it’s easy to make, it doesn’t mean it’s that great. There’s the challenge: good music is hard to find.

Sometime in November of 2007, somewhere in the subway stations of Oakland, blues, R&B; and gospel was created under the name, The California Honeydrops. Greatly influenced by the New Orleans style, their distinct sound consists of infused trumpets, piano, rhythmic guitar riffs and bluesy vocals.

The Polish born band leader and front-man, Lech Wierzynski, started his musical expertise as a teen practicing blues and jazz then studying trumpet with jazz trumpet virtuoso Marcus Belgrave. After enhancing his skills as a vocalist, guitarist and trumpeter, Belgrave joined forces with saxophonist Johnny Bones, drummer Ben Malament, and currently touring with bassist Doug Stuart and keyboardist Charles Hickox.

On the winter night that was Feb. 1, the California Honeydrops proved to the small crowd that gathered at the Troubadour in West Hollywood that they are true blues and the new rock and roll act that people should be excited about.

The tenor vocals that come out of Wierzynski are fantastically docile and deeply soulful not to mention incredibly executed. Every concert much like this one, it’s like the CA Honeydrops managed to create a Mardi-Gras style environment. Much of these performances, that happen anywhere at anytime, can be viewed in their YouTube videos.

The bay area roots that these super talented musicians posses are evident and only compliment the second-line dance moves. That’s exactly what one will get at a CA Honeydrop show—a vibrating feeling to get up and just groove to the music. They also embellish that. They dance so the audience dances and for the short 45 minute show, all one will want to do is dance, dance and dance—leaving fans as sweet as their name.