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Cartoon drink recipes from your favorites

Cartoon drink recipes from your favorites
Illustration by Jeromy Velasco/contributor

There are many raunchy and over the top named drinks these days that are titled for the sake of a laugh or some kind of reaction, but if we tone it down and get creative we can assemble a variety of drinks that may bring about nostalgic memories from our adolescence. Pokemon, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Metroid and Disney themed drinks are sure to entertain gamers and the young-at-heart.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

The object of this drinking game is to name the seven dwarfs; if one is unable to, then they must drink the dwarf they forgot and then finish it off by drinking Snow White. Beware! If the drinker should fall into a deep slumber, true loves kiss will have no effect.


Happy – Tequila shot

Dopey – White rum shot

Grumpy – Vodka shot

Doc – Whiskey shot

Sneezy – Brandy shot

Bashful – Dark rum shot

Sleepy – Absinthe

Snow White – 1 shot of Kahlua, 2 shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream and 2 shots of vodka. Stir and garnish as needed.



T-Virus Shot: Resident Evil

Reanimate yourself with the T-Virus. This infectious shot will give you an unrelenting craving for more!


3/4 shot Silver rum

1/4 shot Everclear

1 Blue Twizzler



Wind a blue Twizzler around a tall double shot glass. It should stick to the sides of the glass. Pour in the silver rum and top with the Everclear.



Zero Suit Samus & Metroid Cocktails

Zero Suit Samus’ paralyzer is known for stopping her enemies cold. This chilled, sweet and sour fusion will do just the same. Metroids feed on the “life energy” of their prey. Return the favor and have some fun at the same time!

Zero Suit Samus Ingredients:

1 1/2 oz. Hypnotiq

1 oz. Blue Curacao

1 Sweet lemon

Splash of Midori

Splash of Apple Pucker


Zero Suit Samus Directions:

Squeeze the juice out of half a sweet lemon and use a scoop to remove the pulp, leaving you with just a clean rind. Measure the juice to 1/2 oz. and blend all ingredients together and strain into a glass. Cut a hole in the lemon rind for a straw and place over the glass.


Metroid Ingredients:

1/2 shot Bacardi Big Apple rum

1/2 shot Coconut rum

1/2 glass Kiwi Strawberry Crystal Light or Green Kool-Aid

1/2 Cup of 7UP and 3 Rasberries


Metroid Directions:

Mix and shake the two rums and kiwi strawberry and pour into a lowball glass.

Add the 7UP for a bit of flavor and carbonation.

Drop in three raspberries as a garnish.


Ryu’s Hadouken: Street Fighter

This combination doesn’t require an arrangement of ups, downs and heavy punches but an acquired taste for whisky and Bacardi 151. This fiery ensemble is all you need for a heavy attack on the senses; just don’t let it knock you out.


3/4 oz. Blue Curacao

3/4 oz. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Splash of Bacardi 151



Mix the blue curacao and Fireball in a shot glass.

Layer a thin bit of Bacardi 151 (or other 151 rum) on the top and light on fire.

Block to extinguish and drink!  Add more Bacardi 151 to the top to make it a Shinkuu Hadouken.



Pikachu: Pokemon

A wild Pikachu has appeared…drink it! This concoction will send a shockwave through your body and keep you in an elated state of mind; Nurse Joy won’t know what to do with you.


1/2 oz. Grenadine

1/2 oz. Crème de Banana

1/2 oz. Captain Morgan Tattoo



Pour the grenadine.

Next layer the Crème de banana, then layer the Captain Morgan tattoo on top.

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