Gift ideas for any student

Gift ideas for any student

Berlyn Reisenauer

Photo courtesy of Off the Wagon

It’s that point of the year when we either hope to receive, or are thinking of giving, a gift for the completion of another school year.

Of course it’s not the same as when we were kids and got money or a gift for a positive report card (this idea died in high school and was long gone by the time college rolled around). This seems unfair considering how badly a college student needs money, superfluous gifts or even just the support and a “keep going, you’re doing great!”

For those of you that do want to reward and encourage a classmate (or make a nice wish list), here are some unique gift ideas for those persistent continuing students.


Unique notebooks

Sometimes class gets boring and doodles are more fun than actual notes. Whatever goes in your notebook, it helps to have a cool one. Skullastic, an online store, offers some different styles of notebooks that go beyond the blue, green or cute puppy notebooks you buy at Target. The notebooks are fairly cheap ($5 each) for how rare and badass they are. Pick covers like “Crosswalk Orange” or the Led Zeppelin logo holding a pencil and customize it, down to the color of the coil, what hand you write with and what type of paper you want. A great gift for any note-taker/doodler.



Zombies Hate Stuff

Most of us enter the fall semester a little rusty from a schooless summer. Keep your mind active with a book! A picture book of course; and not just any book but the “Zombies Hate Stuff” book with 64-pages, a hardcover and only $9.99. Any zombie lover (which is pretty much everyone) can learn about the hateful lives of the undead.



Mustache Sandwiches

I cannot be the only person obsessed with mustaches right now, which is why this crust cutter is possibly the best gift ever. Summer is a good time to make sandwiches, but these are also good encouragement for students to make their lunches rather than buy, because CSUN does NOT sell mustache-shaped sandwiches. Three different styles to a pack and $7.99 can give the student in your life a crustache.



Index Finger Stickies

Keeping multiple bookmarks can be a pain and who wants to use those neon colored post-it notes that everyone else uses? Hold your place with index finger stickies  for $5.99. They are sticky notes that look like index fingers, which make a good gift for any creeper trying to keep their place. There are four, reusable in each pack.



While these gifts are great and I hope all continuing students are given nice things, it’s time to be honest. No one deserves a gift quite like the graduating students. Everyone is given extravagant gifts for high school graduation, which should just

mean college graduation brings even more extravagant gifts.

Bottle of Wine Glass

What better way to celebrate anything than with alcohol? This special wine glass holds an entire bottle of wine and is great for any deserving graduate. Avoid guilt, it’s just one glass. Available for $12.50.



Banana Cellphone 


Give the opportunity to talk on a banana for only $16.49. Job-seeking graduates can relax when calling around by talking directly through a banana that plugs into cell phones. Whether it’s a phone interview or checking on an application, who cares if you’re talking on a banana!



Name a Star Gift Box

Go all out and buy your graduate a star this year. This kit is $19.99 and allows the recipient to name a star, locate it in the sky and become a registered star owner. Wishing upon a star is so much better when it’s your own.



Instant Window

It’s clear that most new college graduates aren’t going to be getting nice jobs with an office with a view right away, but this gift can give any office something more. The instant window is a blow up window that offers a relaxing view of the beach. For only $12.99  new college students can achieve a dream office within seconds.



Salt and Pepper Drowning in Debt

College graduation is more than just an open door to new jobs and opportunities, it’s also a step into the world of debt. These shakers with figures on the inside that appear to drown in salt and pepper are a friendly reminder for those that have to start paying off loans or credit cards. Seasoning food with salt, pepper and tears can be a perfect gift for any graduate with a sense of humor.