‘Iron Man 3’ may be the best so far

Natalie Rivera

Superheroes are taking over, and thanks to last summer’s hit “the Avengers,” it seems that superhero movies will not be going away any time soon. In the case of “Iron Man 3,” it’s a great thing that Disney and Marvel decided to release this epic film that stays true to the prior Iron Man films and “the Avengers” franchise.

“Iron Man 3” brings back everyone’s favorite bad boy billionare genius Tony Stark with more flare and better insults than ever before. However, “Iron Man 3” takes a different turn, and a much needed one, after Iron Man 2 just turned out to be a two-hour bore of a preview for “the Avengers.”

Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is suprirsingly faced with anxiety resulting from the aftermath of the wormhole incident that occured in “the Avengers,” and the struggle to keep his fist ever commited relationship with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). The transition to overconfident superheroe to vulnerable genius is as smooth as Iron Man’s armor, and the anxiety and thought-mechanism Stark goes through is a side we haven’t seen but may have secretly wanted to.

Stark/Iron Man, is however still succumbed to, well, superhero problems, regardless of his sorry state. Obviously, superhero problems consist of the usual saving the world, terrorist threats, protecting the people you love and still being true to the man (or woman) behind the powers. Obviously. Well, Stark can not stay clear of issues like these, and when the mysterious but sleek Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) approaches the Stark company with a gorundbreaking idea, Stark is forced to resume to his usual superheroe instincts.

It’s not all work and no fun; remember this is a Disney and Marvel film. There are laughs and stunts that will have audiences still enjoying Stark’s midlife crisis. Thankfully, Marvel’s great sense of humor is still relevant to Stark’s journey; the jokes are perfectly timed and the film doesn’t try too hard to still be that glowing fun superhero hit that audiences crave for.

The action scenes and special effects are never a miss with these supoerheroe films, but the terroist approach is a bit overdone these days. Thankfully, “Iron Man 3” finds a way to stay original with the whole terroirst plotline, still staying patiroitic and figuring ways to send the message of unity.

Though “Iron Man 3” executes most of their twists fairly well, they still can’t make audiences completley fall in love with Pepper Potts. Potts goes through a grand transistion herself but this  is still not enough to stray away from the biggest twist that Stark goes through.

“Iron Man 3” could possibly be the best of the seires so far; taking chances but still enjoyable. However, you might not shake a certain doubt away, that being how is it possible that Iron Man is going through such life and death situations without the help of his superhero posse. Can’t he just call Hulk to give him a hand every now and then? His Iron Man suit makes calls, right?