Umami Burger: not just another fast food joint

Esmeralda Careaga

Umami Burger owner and founder Adam Fleischman’s first love wasn’t cooking, instead, he majored in journalism and literature.  A trip to Burgundy, France opened his eyes and his taste buds to a new love affair with food.

Over time, Fleischman’s palate developed which led him to opening up his first Umami Burger on La Brea in Los Angeles in 2009. In just four years, Umami Burger has expanded to fourteen locations in Southern California, three locations in Northern California and a few more in New York and Florida.

I began my Umami Burger experience at the Burbank location. I started my meal with fried pickles and a market salad. At first I was hesitant to try the fried pickles, they’re not something you usually find on a menu. I realized I had made the right choice when I took my first bite. My mouth was immediately overwhelmed with a zesty taste and a mild fried batter. The classic Umami Burger itself was intoxicating. All of the ingredients worked together, complimenting the burger patty nicely. The restaurant’s ambiance was pleasant and sitting outside in the corner was relaxing. Finishing up the tasty food, I guzzled down my frosty, golden beer to cap off my exceptional meal.

For mushroom enthusiasts, the classic Umami Burger with shiitake mushroom, caramelized onions, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp and umami ketchup is a good fit. The house-made truffle cheese with truffle glaze is a cheesy compliment. The Hatch Burger has four types of green chiles, and house cheese that is sure to get your taste buds running to the nearest watering hole. If you’re a seafood lover, they’ve got what you’re looking for. The Ahi Tuna Burger has hand-chopped ahi tuna, crushed avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled ginger and wasabi flakes that add up to a satisfying experience.

Umami also has a variety of beers to wash your burger down. Allagash White, a wheat beer with hints of citrus, is easy on the senses. They also carry Stella pale lager, which has an easy finish that compliments most of the items on the menu. They also have an extensive wine list for the ladies who enjoy a tall glass with their meal. The prices at Umami Burger are on the higher side, but worth it. Burgers range from $11 to $15, while wine and beer prices are anywhere from $5 to $12.

What sets this Burger apart from most is it’s experimental approach to constructing a simple meal. The burger meat itself holds so much flavor, and not to knock other burger joints, but Umami is a well cultured and seasoned burger spot. If one is looking for a lunch eager to serve taste buds, look no further than Umami burger.

For more on Umami Burgers visit their website.