Fashion tips on how to dress for summer weather

Fashion tips on how to dress for summer weather

Madison Ruppert

Fashion2Summer memories are fading fast as we jump back into school. But, with temperatures raging in the triple digits, it feels like an endless summer. A brutal heat wave calls for almost no clothing, but you can’t go to school naked (I already asked). So what do you wear? Your personal style may vary, so as you’re rummaging through your wardrobe, keep these few tips in mind to help create a stylish and functional look while conquering this heat wave.

Stay Light:

You don’t want to be the person in class with the sweat stains. It happens to the best of us, but wouldn’t it be less embarrassing if you could avoid that? Dark colors attract sunlight.  If you choose tops with lighter colors, you’ll be less likely to have the sun beating down your back.

To avoid the extra body heat, it helps to wear loose fitting clothing. Cotton is your best friend because it allows your body to breathe. Shirts and pants made of lightweight material that doesn’t cling to you are the best for staying cool while walking across campus. For girls, air circulation is much easier to achieve through open cut tops and maxi skirts with slits. There are lots of T-shirts and dresses with fun, funky cutouts that will keep you cool and stylish.

Find Some Shade:

I mean that in both your campus commute and your outfit. Find those pathways underneath the trees to avoid direct sunlight. If you have a long day across campus, think about rocking a hat for your #OOTD (outfit of the day). Printed snapbacks were a popular summer item and can still be used to transition into these fall months. Ladies, fedoras and wide-brimmed hats are a perfect way to stay cool and style up your look.

Sweat Proof Your Look:

In addition to loading up on the deodorant, you can avoid feeling hot and bothered with minimal accessories. Wear backpacks and bags that have cotton or cloth straps to keep you from sweating. Big metal watches or chunky necklace chains are great statement pieces but they can get irritating after a long day in the sun. Opt for thin-strapped or sport watches. Ladies, hold off on the chains until fall. Stick to simple jewelry like earrings or small pendant necklaces.

Remember these tips and you should be able to overcome the dog days of summer while keeping your look intact.

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