Win a prize for the best Halloween costume at the Pub

Victoria Becerril

Students and friends can stop by The Pub, located in the USU, Thursday Oct. 31, to participate in their first annual Halloween Costume contest before heading off to their own Halloween adventures.

Starting at 5 p.m., judges will decide which students have the best costume from three different categories; scariest, most amusing and most unique, in order to win prizes including an iPod speaker dock, digital camera, and a $100 matamoney card.

This year, there are no rules regarding costume attire as long as they fit the three categories.

“The best things about this is if you’re going to a Halloween party, you can stop here at five, hang out, and just go to your party right after” said Michelle Zakosek, 22, manager of The Pub. “I encourage everyone to come and participate.”

Word about the contest was spread through word of mouth, fliers posted around the USU and handed to different departments.

“This is going to be the biggest event hosted by The Pub this year,” Zakosek said. “I’m hoping there will be a huge turnout so we can make this an annual event.”

Students are encouraged to bring along their friends even if they are not CSUN students and the event is free.