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Costumes on Campus

Check out what kinds of costumes Matadors wore on campus to celebrate the spookiest day of the year!

College Halloween Party

The College of Education is holding its annual Halloween Party! All faculty and staff are welcome to attend.
man dressed as Bob The Builder being interviewedvideo

CSUN – Are You Aware? – Halloween 2017

We asked CSUN students to share their knowledge about Halloween!
Man carves pumpkin in shape of a monster's face

Students relieve stress at Pumpkin Fest

Students paint their stress away and enjoy free treats between midterms.
Inside of haunted house looks incredibly dirty with a muddy bathroom and some lockers that show a red number 17

Ghost Stories and the Supernatural

Scary stories serve a higher purpose than just cheap spooks.
A Dia de los Muertos

Facts to know about Dia de los Muertos

Find out what you should know about Dia de los Muertos
Spectators entertain themselves on a over sized Ouija board.

Haunted Hayride’s skyrocketing expansion

Here's how Mark Cuban's investments have changed the attraction

Spooky songs for Halloween

These songs will set the mood for a scary time at the night show

Weekly Events: Why are there Christmas sales already?

Fun, free and some ticketed events to do before October ends.

CSUN gets disaster prepared with a zombie scavenger hunt

Students roamed the CSUN campus on Tuesday to search for items to complete a disaster kit in a zombie-themed scavenger hunt.
Some costumes that are displayed in the Costume House.

Inexpensive Halloween costume stores

Check out costume shops in the valley for ideas and a potential Halloween outfit
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