Costumes on Campus


A collage of costumed students featured below. Photo Credits: Max Sullivan and Yomira Saiqui.

Max Sullivan

These students didn’t let classes stop them from celebrating early and dressing up for Halloween on campus Wednesday.

Freshman and CTVA major, Gabi Tate, said her short hair made her look exactly like the “other mother” from the movie “Coraline” where she she got her inspiration from. Photo credit: Yomira Saiqui
Alisia Rutledge, Nutrition and Dietics major, dressed as Beetle Juice because she prefers scary costumes to pretty ones and wanted to wear face paint. Photo credit: Max Sullivan
The Grim Reaper, Astrophysics major Rey Melendez, came to CSUN Wednesday with the plan to terrorize. When interviewed, he mimed that he will go trick-or-treating later to take candy and souls. Photo credit: Max Sullivan
Liberal Studies major, Fabiola Luna (right) poses dressed as Esmeralda from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, while her friend Vanessa Garcia (left) is dressed as a scarecrow outside of the Matador Bookstore Complex. Photo credit: Yomira Saiqui
Political science major and associated student Tracy Johnson, made matadors smile and laugh by walking around as a green air puppet. Photo credit: Yomira Saiqui
Rilakkuma, a Japanese bear, is Biology major Jo Cores’ go-to costume since she has owned the onesie for two years. She joined a scary movie marathon with friends later Wednesday night. Photo credit: Max Sullivan

Additional photography by Yomira Saiqui.