Street Swag: Fall and winter fashion tips

Street Swag: Fall and winter fashion tips

Josh Carlton

We Californians have it lucky with the fall/winter season. We can use most of our wardrobe all year long just by adding on layers. Layering is key when dressing for your day ahead. Temperatures always determine my outfit and since it changes so often, wearing an outfit with versatility is a must. The chillier temperatures have us pining over the comfier things in life, like oversized cozy sweaters and on-sale Target socks. But just because it’s sweater weather doesn’t mean you should look like you just rolled off the couch to go about your day. Exercise more stylish options this fall/winter season that work for you and the cold days ahead.


Courtesy of Christian Sabalburo

Options are always good to have, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Don’t limit yourself by tossing your summer favorites to the side, instead find creative ways to style them into your outfit. Those long maxi dresses (in neutral colors and prints) are the perfect base piece to create few Fall outfits. Layer on button up flannels to use as a tie shirt and add a statement necklace to make it pop. Chilly temperatures may call for more coverage, so throw on your favorite denim jacket for that Cali casual look. Slip into booties that show you’re a bit edgy. For that extra pop, rock a deep red lip to finish off your look.


Why it Works: The flannel shirts are a great basic to wear alone or as layering pieces under sweaters or over dresses. They’re easy to find and you can even use your boyfriend’s for a comfier feel. A denim jacket can add more texture to your style and will come in handy when the temperatures drop. Shoes with color help bring contrast. My favorite ones for fall are colored booties in maroon or royal blue.


Where you can wear it to: School, Lunch date, Internship, Movie Night


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Courtesy of Christian Sabalburo

The effort is all in the detail. Take a nod at the London rainy schoolboy look and opt for the colors that stray from the typical black and blue. Jackets in gray can add just the right contrast and can be be a staple piece worn year after year. Invest in quality and one that gives you enough room to move. A light cotton button up in a print can be layered under button down sweaters, crew necks or coats. Beanies, newsboys style hats help with style but also warmth. Boots are versatile and will last. For a sportier feel, switch out the boots for your favorite pair of sneakers.


Why It Works: Plum pants are a great alternative to black or blue. The color can really help breathe some life into your look. A printed button-up kicks up the style quotient by adding in a visual that breaks up the color. Rain or shine, boots will work in any weather or outfit. A hat can complete an outfit by adding an effortless and inspired touch.


Where you can wear it to: School, Date night, Dinner with friends, Work