Pharrell Williams whips up another hit with ‘G I R L’


Brian Andrade

Pharrell Williams has made a substantial contribution to the music industry. The music artist, producer and fashion designer has performed with a variety of musicians that include Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk. Despite his wide discography, Williams has only released one studio album prior to his new one, “G I R L”.
The new album is a reflection of the artist’s personality. It’s fun, playful, charming and natural. “G I R L” is a collection of summer anthems that consist of seductive lyrics, high-ranged vocals, R&B influences, sexual appeal and catchy pop rhythms.

The first song, “Marilyn Monroe” opens with rich string instrumentals that introduce the new collection with glamour. Rather than commemorating the standards of worshiped female figures, Williams lyrically expresses his desire for a woman different from history’s finest.

Interesting collaborations are found in the new record. Justin Timberlake is featured in “Brand New”, an upbeat song with a chorus and bridge that are sung by the two who create a complementary sound. “Come Get It Bae” is delivered with vocals from Miley Cyrus. A mellow percussion and rhythm leads “Know Who You Are” alongside strong resonance from Alicia Keys that give the song a positive groove.

Retro beats hit strong in “Hunter” and “Gust Of Wind,” showcasing the artist’s elite production skills.

Overall, the album does a good job at maintaining a consistent bright tone that never feels overplayed. Despite the similarities between the tracks, they each succeed in maintaining their own individuality.

Unlike the over-sized hat that Williams wore at the Grammys, “G I R L” is a perfect fit for audiences.

Grade: A