VPAC instructional series to talk about the history of Flamenco

Steven Espinoza

Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., the Valley Performing Arts Center will be hosting “Classroom in the Courtyard — Flamenco Dance: What are the dancers actually doing?”

Flamenco dancer and College of the Canyons professor Dan Glickman will draw from his many years of flamenco dance experience to lead the event. Glickman will provide a one-hour lecture that will cover the topics such as where the flamenco dance originated, the differences between traditional and modern flamenco and the meanings that lie behind the specific dance moves and how they relate to the story the dancers are telling. After the lecture concludes, a Gala Flamenca performance will be performed in the Great Hall of the VPAC at 8 p.m.

Classroom in the Courtyard is an educational series held every month by professors prior to the evening performance. The goal of the series is to help audiences learn about the shows they are about to see and hear.

For more information about upcoming lectures, visit the Valley Performing Arts Center website or contact the VPAC Community Relations at (818) 677-8821.