Graduation ticket deadline passes and Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition starts

Asher Silberman

  • We have the latest on the South Korean ferry rescue and Jay-Z’s Labor Day music festival.
  • With five weeks until graduation, Matador News reporter Katie Fauskee has the latest information on tickets.
  • Matador New reporter Robert Zamora talks to Exhibition Coordinator Michelle Giacopuzzi about the Annual Juried Art Student Show currently at the CSUN Art Gallery.
  • Matador News reporter Jared Nealeigh takes us to “Meet The Dogs”, featuring K-9 units from all over Southern California,
  • Matador News reporter David Lujan has the story of a bridge in Paris.
  • Anchors: Mahina Haina, Sharon Shin, Rosie Rodriguez and Kourtney Foust.
  • Producers: Karina Garibaldi, Cherney Thomas, Gloria Star and Lauren Llanos.