Theatre department performs a chicano spin on “Electra” with “Electricidad”

Steven Espinoza

Opening Friday April 25th, the theatre department will be hosting the student-performed play “Electricidad” by Luis Alfaro.

“Electricidad” is based on Sophocle’s “Electra.” In this story, the heroine is obsessed with murdering her mother and her mother’s lover to punish them for killing her beloved father. Luis Alfaro brings his touch into this drama by updating the story from an ancient Greece to a modern Los Angeles chicano barrio. Alfaro, in his retelling of the drama, eliminates the lover and frames his tragedy against the continuing violence of gang culture and warfare. Alfaro, nonetheless, offers a contemporary look at the consequences of revenge and its effects on family and community. The drama is directed by faculty member Laurie Woolery.

The show will run Wednesday through Sunday until May 4. The opening performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Little Theatre in Nordhoff Hall. There will be a post-show question and answer session on May 2. Ticket prices are $15 for students. $20 for general admission, $16 for employees and $17 for seniors.