Resumania offers students tips on how to build a shining resume

Allessandra Lopez

Earning good grades in school may be the easy part for most students, but finding a job after graduation may can prove to be a challenge.

To help CSUN students in their search for a job, they can take advantage of the Career Center on campus, which on Thursday afternoon hosted its annual Resumania event in University Hall as part of its myriad of services to the campus community.

The free event allowed students to have their resumes critiqued by industry professionals working for companies such as Wells Fargo, NBC Universal, Youth Policy Institute, among others. Each professional spent 10 minutes, one-on-one, critiquing a student’s resume. The professional also offered strategies to help students polish their resumes.

Students attending Resumania were encouraged to come to the event dressed in business attire so they could have their picture taken for LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service that allows users to build their professional identities.

“I would go to make sure it doesn’t have any mistakes” Poulet said, who believed the event was beneficial to finding a job. “The more information on your resume, the more qualified it makes you look.”

Bretta Cooper, a CSUN student and former Wells Fargo employee, knows just how important resumes can be.

“Without a resume, students can’t apply,” she said. “If their resume stands out, they have a huge chance at getting the job they want.”

Kevin La Beach of NBC Universal knows that having an up-to-date resume will take an individual far in the work place.

“I would say that an internship somewhere would help. Any project that you might have done for school, like a reporting class or school TV station, would also be good,” he said.

In the long run, any experience that students can include on their resume will help their chances of getting hired, he said.