Extreme Sports Blog: New 60’s Inspired Surf Film Grabs Artsy Audience


Hayley Hill

Mollusk’s new shop hosted the video premiere event. Photo Credit: Hayley Hill

Mollusk just opened a new surf shop in Silverlake and hosted the premiere to the new surf video, “Expencive Porno Movie” Oct. 18.

The film features pros, Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Devon Howard, Justin Adams, Scotty Stopnik, Trevor Gordon, Kyle Albers, Mikey Detemple, JJ Wessels, Billy Death and Travers Adler and (my personal favorite,) Kassia Meador. The pro’s mingled, beer was flowin’ and everyone was super excited to see the new film.

The film had a very vintage 60’s feel to it, filled with psychedelic music, Wes Anderson, post-modernism type shots and dreamy slo-mo surfing scenes. The video has a beautiful aesthetic that melds surfing with creative filmmaking, making it stand out from other videos. It’s a fun video that will make you want to go out and drive to the beach in an old Volkswagen and go surfing.

The shop, Mollusk, was really sweet as well, filled with awesome beach clothes, beautifully crafted surfboards and tons of surf books littered on the comfortable couches and coffee tables. Artwork and photography is hung up on the walls, celebrating the beauty and locally made work and is conveniently situated on W. Sunset Blvd. in artsy Silverlake. Definitely worth stopping by and checking the new store location out.

Check out the commercial for “Expencive Porno Movie”

If you happened to be cut off from all social media this week, you might have missed Kelly Slater’s 540 that was caught on film, which went viral in a matter of minutes. People were stunned when they witnessed the trick in the middle of a storm. Slater came out and was bombarded with people wanting to know what he was going to name this trick that hadn’t been done before. Slater said he’d have to think about it. So keep you ears open to that name coming soon, I’m sure.

Check out the incredible video of Slater doing a 540: