International and Exchange Student Center holds open house

Silvia Gutierrez

For the first time on Monday, the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) held an open house for CSUN faculty and staff at their location in the University Student Union.

The open house kicked off the department’s International Education Week. During the special week, the IESC hopes to make people aware of the services and programs available to international and exchange students.

“We’re hoping for closer collaboration with faculty and staff on behalf of the students,” said Dr. Marta Lopez, director of International Programs.

Over 70 people attended the three-hour-long event, a successful turnout according to the employees of the IESC.

Faculty and staff were given “boarding passes” to take to each of six booths containing information on programs such as SPICE (Student Panels for an International Curriculum and Education), and study abroad. Faculty and staff were also able to speak with advisers.

“One of our goals is for [faculty and staff] to become more sensitive to what international students bring from home,” said Patricia Marquez, assistant director of Foreign Student Advisement.

This fall, there are roughly 2,500 undergraduate and graduate international students on campus. A majority of these students are from Kuwait and China.

The IESC recognizes that faculty and staff can have a big influence on international and exchange students and would like for them to continue building relationships. Lopez believes the information shared at the open house can be used by professors to spread the word to students.

“By opening our doors every year from now on, we hope to reach more people and encourage involvement,” Marquez said.