Sundial songs of the week pt. 7


Vincent Nguyen

Finals are under way. You’re cramming in the Oviatt, and you have less than 30 minutes of sleep. But we’re over here releasing the last edition of Songs of the Week just for you to get by with your finals. For those who are graduating, good luck with your endeavors, and continue to check out our segments throughout the year!

Lana Del Rey – I Can Fly

  • Tim Burton is releasing a new film on Christmas this year, and aside from the usual Danny Elfman composition, Lana has dedicated two songs to the movie. Del Rey released the title track and “I Can Fly,” but this DJ had to pick one, and I Can Fly made the cut.

Jean Deaux – Right Now

  • You would not expect such a banger from the intro. Although just a preview, it is an absolute game-changer when the beat drops and Deaux mixes up her vocals. Expect great things from her work set for release on Dec. 17.

Tunji Ige – Ball Is Life

  • #BallisLife is one of the truest hashtags to date, but Tunji Ige’s track is chill enough for you to run through during your crammed study sessions. Ige’s laid-back vocals and flow will keep you entranced in your studies, but will keep you nodding your head all at the same time.

Leftside Wobble – Take Ten

  • A soothing and creative rendition of the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s most famous jazz piece “Take Five.” The DJ has changed up the melody a little bit, but Leftside Wobble has kept the same vibe throughout the song. If you haven’t checked out “Take Five,” give it a listen, and then come back to this wonderful remix and see the differences!

Rome Fortune – Juice

  • Rome Fortune’s new track is exciting and will be a great turn-up song for you when you’re done with your tests! The production is eclectic and very intricate, so it’s not something to focus on while you’re studying. So be sure to play this track once your done, and celebrate whole-heartedly!

SOTW will continuously run through the winter break, so check in regularly to listen to the last few tracks the year will bring to you!