Geek Clash Ep 17: Looking Ahead


Trevor Stamp


Welcome to the spring 2015 semester, Matadors. This is “Geek Clash,” the Sundial’s premier podcast. OK maybe it’s not that special, but it’s your destination for all things movies, television, video games and comic books.

Geek Clash re-launched last semester when hosts Josh Carlton and myself brought on Lita van Houten. The show took on a new form as we geeked out and argued about pop culture and entertainment.

Looking ahead to spring 2015, there will be minor changes. Josh graduated and now we have a new host, Danny Arriaza. Danny will add Anime to our discussions to broaden our show.

Geek Clash is forever evolving, just like the mediums we hold dearly to our hearts. We may not be as cool as “Star Wars”, “Game of Thrones”, “Mass Effect”, “Batman” or “Sailor Moon”, but we strive to give our audience an honest look at all things geek, and some non-geek.

If you have questions, comments, or grievances, reach out to us at:

You can also find us on Twitter: @MorTrev, @LitaKelly, @LDA3Danny

Tune in this week for back-to-back new episodes of Geek Clash as we kick-off the new semester. Watfor new episodes every Friday.

The crew has a big focus previews the new year as the geek over movies and games they are looking forward to. Before they look to the new year, however, they dissect The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies to complete unfinished business. Tune in to hear about some of awesome movies, games and television shows hitting this year.