Speaker motivates HASA members with success story during first meeting

Saffana Hijaz

The Health Administration Student Association, (HASA), held their first meeting on Thursday in the Flintridge room in the USU with special guest speaker, Matthew Adelman.

HASA promotes active involvement and cooperation amongst the faculty and with the appropriate healthcare agencies and facilities within the community. It represents students in relating to the curriculum, field experience, career placement, orientation of students, and it gives social and professional extracurricular activities for its members, according to the HASA website.

“I joined HASA, I would say, maybe two or three years ago for my major,” said health administration major Brian Soremekun. “There’s some great opportunities in network to meet executives, and meet other people in my major who are studying health administration”

Adelman is a CSUN alumni of 2012 with a B.S. degree in biology and a Master’s degree in health administration. a little after a year of graduating he has become the Project Manager at the substance abuse firm, Aegis Treatment Center, which he interned at. As project manager he oversees contracts with manage-care organizations and the counties.

Throughout the hour meeting Adelman talked about his journey of becoming successful in the field of health administration and all the steps he took to get there, giving back to CSUN and future members of the health administration field.

“For guest speakers we look for anyone that has experience in the field that has already graduated, anyone that’s in the healthcare field and heath care facility or health care organization,” said Vehans Amirian, president of HASA. “We try to get a guest speaker with experience and sometimes they don’t have too much experience, but they’re still giving back because they just got their position.”

Adelman inspired many students and they were given the opportunity for a quick Q&A; to ask about how he prepared for interviews and what to do in real-life situations.

“I’ve been given opportunities to network with CEO’s, Vice Presidents, some of my professors are working professionals,”said Soremekun. “Anyone who’s a health administration major, this is a great organization to be apart of. It looks good on your resume, [and] it’s almost like a must have.”

Every meeting is bi-weekly. For more information contact Hasacsun@gmail.com.