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Daily Sundial

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Xtreme Weekly Issue 6: New year, New Team

Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor


GOPRO has picked up Simone Barraco, and ff you’ve been into BMX for at least the last couple of years then you’ve heard of the Italian street rider. Barraco has brought some new moves that no one has ever seen in his web videos for the Subrosa and the Shadow Conspiracy that just blew everyone’s mind.

Barraco brings a style all his own when he films and he is a favorite rider for many younger riders. GOPRO posted an interview with Barraco where he talks about how he likes to use his GOPRO and where he likes to ride. Check that out here.

In other news, Chad Kerley has been posting about “CEEK LIFE” on his Instagram and no one really knows what it is yet. All we currently know is that last night he released a video for CEEK LIFE and it is insane. Kerley, a street rider with a couple of Dew tour podium spots under his belt, went all out for this video and destroys some San Diego local spots. Check out the video on Youtube.

Lastly, Hoffman Bikes announced a new rider, Mason Ritter. Ritter is not a name I’m familiar with, but after watching his video you can tell he doesn’t care what everyone else is doing, he’s doing what he likes. Ritter is very much a park rider, but he brings a unique style to every corner he turns, literally. Check out the video here.


Creature Skateboards released a new web video late last week, Creature Beach: Puerto Rico. Team skaters David Gravette, Ryan Reyes, Taylor Bingaman, and Sean Conover ride some crazy spots in the video. One of the spots was a DIY bowl that was outside of what looks like an abandon house, but the bowl looks perfect. It filled me with envy for sure. They all brought some big moves and made me laugh so many times, check out the video here.

Also in skate, I don’t know how I missed it, but Deathwish released the “Let it be Known” tour video from their recent east coast shop stops and demos trip. It’s honestly one of the best demo videos I’ve seen in a while. It’s not all demo spots though, but the team also took it to the streets and killed every spot they went to. The video is a Thrasher exclusive so check it out on their website.


Stale Sandbech’s full part from Oakley’s video “Snowboarding: For Me” is now on Youtube. The Recent Air + Style Innsbruck 1st place winner and 2015 X Games Silver medalist filmed and amazing part for Oakley. It’s filmed incredibly and words will not do it justice. Oakley’s full video can be bought on Itunes now.


Surfer Magazine did a profile video on Curren Caples. The Ventura local, widely known as a pro skateboarder, is also an amazing surfer. Curren talks about his busy life and trying to surf whenever he can check out that video here.

The surf forecast for Santa Monica has not been too good lately and nothing is changing this week. The tide highs today are supposed to be around three feet according to Surfline and it’s looking that way the rest of the week. It may get better by Sunday, but until then enjoy the nice weather.

The Ventura Surf Forecast is almost the same as Santa Monica, three feet tides with low winds. Nothing much to say about it, but again the weather is looking good outside, so go for a bike ride.

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