Pop Goes The Measles


Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Allessandra Lopez

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Disneyland is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth” to many people but in December, “The Happiest Place on Earth” turned into a disaster for some.

A measles outbreak occurred and now many people are in fear for their health.

In order to prevent the measles from sickening others, California is trying to introduce a new vaccine law. Under this bill, all parents are to make sure that their children get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from the outbreak. While there are some individuals who are against this vaccination bill, it is necessary. This bill should pass so that all can live healthier and better lives. The passing of this bill will allow individuals to protect themselves and others from becoming sick.

Ever since the outbreak at Disneyland, more and more people are contracting the measles. In fact, more than 70 people have been sick in California due to the measles. Not only have people in California been affected by this, but six other states and two other countries have been exposed as well.

Having the measles isn’t the same as contracting a cough. Usually when we are sick we take medicines like Advil and Dayquil in the hopes that we will get well in two or three days. We often take advantage of the medicine available and think that medicine can cure all. Unfortunately, measles isn’t just a sickness it is a disease.

Measles doesn’t seem like it can really be that serious. An individual doesn’t really start to show symptoms until two weeks after they are exposed to the virus. Seeing that CSUN has around 37,000 students, any of those students can have the measles or have maybe contracted it without even realizing it.

As students, we should care about the well-being of our university and do whatever we can to prevent a disease from spreading. Whether or not an individual has the measles, they should get the vaccination anyway.

An individual who gets the measles vaccination will be protecting themselves from other sicknesses. Vaccines will help build a stronger immunity to sickness and help fight off any infections. The healthier an individual lives, the happier they will be.

Not only will getting the vaccination help improve an individual’s health, but it will help the lives of others as well. If an individual does not get vaccinated there can be serious health risks. In fact, 50,000 adults in the United States die each year from a disease that could have been prevented with a vaccine. If everyone was required to get the measles vaccination, we would all live in a better place where we wouldn’t have to worry about getting the disease.

Even though everyone can potentially be at risk without the vaccination, the older and younger generations seem to suffer the most. We are a campus of young students who are around children more than we like to think. Whether it is being around our younger siblings or having children of our own, students should consider the health benefits of getting their loved ones vaccinated. Not only will we be helping the community at large, but we will be benefiting society as a whole.

Everyone deserves to live a long fulfilling life. An individual’s life should not be cut short or put in harm’s way because someone else decided not to get the measles vaccination. All beliefs put aside, everyone should get the vaccination not because they want to but because it’s the right thing to do.