Fashion Forward Friday: spring must-haves


Ugochi Obinma

With spring just around the corner it’s time to re-evaluate your style and your closet in efforts to be fashionably aware, alert and late. Put away your over-sized sweaters, scarves and cozy knits and spring forward into the latest trends of the season. Retire that go to beanie, long outdated coat and those dull dark colors, but keeps those statement pieces near and dear. That leather jacket, those combat boots and that denim washed blue jeans jacket that will forever be seasonal.


Fellas if you don’t own at least one bright and colorful pastel button up; you’re not ready for spring. Head over to Nordstrom or H&M and add some color to your wardrobe. They’re a must have this season especially paired with some well-tailored denim jeans or a pair of khaki pants. A few pairs of washed out jeans definitely should be making a home in your closet if they haven’t already taken up and claimed a section.

Take a seat in first class with the infamous flight jackets that made an appearance last season and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Winter limited you to strictly navy, black and dull colors step out of your comfort zone and experiment with an orange or tan and crazy patches that identify your fashion loyalty. If you’re sitting here wondering what in the world is a flight jacket and where can I get one, you’re most likely not alone and Google is your best friend, type flight jackets into your search engine and from there on the fashion uneducated shall be educated.

Females, spring time is code from show off them legs and those pedicured toes and the weather encourages us to show a little skin and I said a little. If you don’t have a flowy, vibrant colored dress in your closet, you might want to make your way to Forever 21, H&M or Macy’s to get one.

Break in those multicolored heels and pump and show them toes to the world because a pedicure is almost irrelevant if no one else sees it. Just when you thought gladiator sandals where for Hercules only , you’re wrong , they’re in and come in just about every color, but don’t be scared, go for that white, black looks good with everything, but white can make an outfit pop.

Buttoned up pastels are great for dressing up and down, especially with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans which I recommend every female own if you don’t already which can be found at Zara, J Crew and Urban Outfitters if you’re look for a lovely pair. Throw on those bright and striped colorful heels to seal the outfit because spring is all about colors, bright and daring colors that catch your eye and keep you among the best dressed.