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Xtreme Weekly, Issue 8: Welcome to DarkStar

Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor
Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor


Dennis Enarson just returned from Spain not too long ago and it was obvious that he would come back with tons of footage. Well, this morning Haro Bikes released a video with Enarson destroying the streets of Barcelona and Malaga. Dennis is arguably one of the best all-around riders in BMX right now and is not afraid to throw some skatepark clips along with some gnarly street riding. The video is being used as a promo for his signature frame and fork, the Haro SD line.

Robin Heiderich just made it on the Premium Bikes team through their Germany distributor. Heiderich is a tech street rider who throws some sweet freecoaster moves into his lines. In his welcome video , he rides probably every good flat ledge and rail he could find. Anyway, he kills in the video and these spots would make any California rider jealous. Check out the video here.

Lastly, Cult was known as the company that was releasing web video after web video for a while, but we haven’t seen anything in months. This week they released the “Eyeland video” where the team spent some time in Hawaii and killed the street and the skate parks. This team needs no introduction so watch the video here.


A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Dave Bachinsky is now on the Darkstar skate team and that he would be releasing a Thrasher Magazine exclusive video soon. Well that time has come, and it’s awesome.

Bachinsky goes big in just about every line in the video and he even rides a boulder in the middle of a creek. He goes big, but also shows he can be a tech rider. The video has been getting great responses on Thrasher’s comment section so check the video out now on Thrasher.

Didrik Galasso’s new video for RVCA is sick and he rides some classic spots, starting out at Los Angeles High School’s brick banks. He brings some lines to skate that I’ve only seen in BMX. For example, he did boardslide down an eight stair rail to nose manual. Galasso rips and I can’t wait to see more from him.


The Burton U.S Open half-pipe finals took place this Saturday. It’s been 27 years since the introduction of the half-pipe section at the U.S Open according to Snowboarder Magazine. Taku Hiraoka took first place in the men’s division with his huge airs while Kelly Clark took first in the women’s division and also did her first ever 1080. There is a highlight video on Snowboarder Magazines website so be sure to check that out.

The Slopestyle runs are also up already and Jamie Anderson took first for the women and Yuki Kadono took first place in men’s. Their runs prove that they were the best of the day and that they have been working hard all year long. Both videos are also on Snowboarder’s website.


Cory Lopez posted a video surfing in Mexico in which he spent four days riding some big waves and showing everyone how it’s done. The video is a mix of point-of-view angles and overview shots of him riding rails and barrels.

The surf forecast for Santa Monica is better this week than last with the tide at about 3.4 feet right now at 12 p.m. It will be better by Friday of this week according to Surfline.

The surf forecast for Ventura is pretty much the same as Santa Monica. However, I’m not able to say that Friday will be as promising in Ventura as Santa Monica.

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