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Xtreme Weekly, Issue 8: Welcome to DarkStar

Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor

Branden Navarro

March 10, 2015

BMX: Dennis Enarson just returned from Spain not too long ago and it was obvious that he would come back with tons of footage. Well, this morning Haro Bikes released a video with Enarson destroying the streets of Barcelona and Malaga. Dennis is arguably one of the best all-around riders in BMX ri...

Xtreme Weekly Issue 5: Donnachie the animal

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Branden Navarro

February 17, 2015

BMX: Okay, Alex Donnachie is an absolute animal. He just dropped the craziest video I’ve seen since Etnies Grounded, and that’s saying a lot considering Ruben Alcantara did a wallride over a freeway pass. As everyone knows Donnachie is the man when it comes to tech street riding, but this video ...

Xtreme Weekly Issue 4: Rookie of the Year

Xtreme Weekly reporter predicts killer waves for the rest of the week. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Services.

Branden Navarro

February 10, 2015

Snowboarding: Snowboarder Magazine names Chloe Kim, Women’s Rookie of the Year. Elite snowboarder Andreas Wiig praised the newly named Rookie of the Year. “Considering her age, I think we can look forward to some insane halfpipe riding in her future!” Kim, who is only 14 years old, w...

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