Xtreme Weekly Issue 5: Donnachie the animal


Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Branden Navarro


Okay, Alex Donnachie is an absolute animal. He just dropped the craziest video I’ve seen since Etnies Grounded, and that’s saying a lot considering Ruben Alcantara did a wallride over a freeway pass. As everyone knows Donnachie is the man when it comes to tech street riding, but this video is on another level. Not only is the riding insane, but the filming is excellent as well. Nothing I say about this video will do it justice so just check it out for yourself here.


In skate this week, Darkstar welcomes Dave Bachinsky. Being a big name in the game, I can’t wait to see what he does for his welcome video. His video is going to be a Thrasher magazine exclusive, so head to their website to check it out on March 9th.

Also, Blake Carpenter is moving on from Dekline Footwear. There are no specifics to what he will be moving on to, but I’m sure we will hear an announcement for a new shoe sponsor sometime in the near future. Carpenter is a well-rounded skater with tons of style; he makes everything he does look so easy. Best of luck to Blake.


Snowboarder Magazine’s rider of the year top-ten list continues with the number nine and ten spots. Torstein Horgmo took the number nine spot while Austen Sweetin taking number ten. Horgmo is a dedicated rider that is competing all year long, trains hard, and brings his best to every competition.

I was not surprised that he made this year’s list. Sweetin is a rider that isn’t afraid to go big, and I mean really big. His part in “Heavy Mental” was insane and shows that he’s not afraid of anything, especially heights. Congratulations to both Horgmo and Sweetin.


No big news in surf this week. According to surfline, the Santa Monica surf is not going to be great this week. Ventura is looking a little better than Santa Monica, so if you’re up for the drive, Ventura might be worth the trip this week.