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AS approves funding for clubs despite low budget

Associated Students vice president Talar Alexanian thanks open forum speakers for participating in the AS senate meeting on Feb. 2. While some orators covered upcoming events like the Swap Out event and Elections Kickoff, others asked for more AS funds in support of their organization. (Wynnona Loredo / Staff Photographer)

Financial setbacks in the Associated Students budget has not stopped AS from allocating large amounts of funding to clubs in need.

Seven clubs received partial funding from AS at today’s senate meeting. The Aztlan Grad Scholarship Committee and the VEX Robotics Club spoke to AS senators asking for additional funds to help support their events.

Despite financial setbacks, AS has allocated more than half of the requested funding for the CSUN Robotics Club for the national 2015 VEX U World Championship competition this April.

The Robotics club requested $15,522.11 from AS to help fund their National Competition in Kentucky. AS allocated $10,000. Due to low funds in AS, it has become difficult to give clubs full funding. The robotics club received $8,000 from Unassigned Contingency and $2,000 from TUC.

“Robotics is a growing field. We had hopes that AS would fund us because it’s for a good cause so we were hoping they would approve it,” Robotics Club President, Nick Monson said.

During the open forum, members from the Robotics Club asked AS to help support their travel expenses for 30 members to go to Kentucky. They brought two robots with them to show AS senators what the club has been working on and what kinds of robots they will be taking to the competition. Majority of the senators, AS advisors and managers were left with grinning faces of happiness and shock after they got to see and touch the robots up close.

“It’s great to see what we are funding,” said AS Vice President, Talar Alexanian. “I’m happy the Robotics Club came out. It was great to see the robots in front of us and especially in front of the finance committee. I’m glad you are able to go to your competition.”

In previous years, the Robotics Club has requested funding from AS for their local competition. However, this is the largest amount they have requested.

“We need funding to overcome our obstacles that come with traveling,” Monson said. “We need funding for the flight and to ship all the robots to Kentucky.”

According to Monson, if they weren’t able to get adequate funding from AS, then only a small group of club members would be able to go and they would have needed to pay for themselves. In other attempts to gain funds, the club hosts several fundraising events.

The Aztlan Graduation Committee had requested a total of $4,000 to host a separate graduation ceremony for their club members and family members who cannot attend commencement. AS requested to allocate $2,100. Members of the Aztlan committee asked AS to increase their allocation by $500 to help with their graduation expenses. Senator, Orion Block, acknowledged the club’s hard work and requested to allocate an additional $500 towards the Aztlan graduation.

During voting time, Finance Committee member, Sevag Alexanian, out-stained his vote from two of the finance recommendations. However, he did vote in favor for the Robotics Club. According to the Chair of Finance, Unassigned Contingency currently has a little over $40,000.

March 16, 2015 Meeting Highlights:

· Senate approved a Motion out of Committee: To approve SB 2014-15-005 which is known as the “A.S. Annual Student and Staff Training.” The bill was drafted by Kimberly Worland from the College of Science and Math, Austin Hidalgo from College of Business and Economics, Jorge Reyes the Chief of Staff and Adan Garay the attorney general.

· AS Controller of Accounting and Financial Services, Diane Hartjen, discussed the AS tax returns. Senators then voted to accept the 2013 – 2014 state and federal Income Tax Returns for the Associated Students.

· Zachary Kadin, a senior majoring in urban studies and planning with a minor in sustainability was voted to become the chair of sustainability.

· The Deaf Studies Association requested $4,360 for their Silent Weekend Retreat. AS recommend to approve the change for the purpose of the Deaf Studies Association for their expenses for the event.

· Approved to allocate $700 to L.U.C.I.A for Noche Poetico Musical from Unassigned Contingency.

· Approved the allocation of $1,200 from Unassigned Contingency to CSUN Colleges Against Cancer for Relay of Life.

· The Vietnamese Student Association received $1,000 from Unassigned Contingency to host “Cultural Night.”

· Senate recommend to transfer $31,000 from AS Insurance to Sports Club Student Wages.

· They approved the constitution of Student Marine Conservation Society and the Apparel Design and Merchandising Graduate.

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