The “how to’s” for tax day

Julius Lasin

For students, April 15, the deadline to file taxes to the IRS, marks either one of the most stressful or relieving days of their year.

“Always file taxes regardless,” said Ara Anthony Kiledjian, a tax clinician and coordinator for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), a student organization at CSUN that provides free professional tax preparation to low-income individuals and families in the San Fernando Valley.

Though filing taxes is only mandatory for people who have made a minimum of $10 thousand this year, it is encouraged that everyone files taxes regardless of their income.

Despite the fact that filing taxes is integral, people who do not file taxes can face steep penalties.

Kildejian claims that the IRS can claim up to 30 percent of the estimated refund a person can get, if they do not file their taxes on time.

However, according to Kiledjian, students should know three integral things before filing taxes.

Students should know their dependency status, he said, along with any tax exemptions they may have and their file status before filing taxes, all of which can be found on

And for students that have trouble understanding how to find this, other tax phrases or terms, or just need help filing taxes, there are services on campus that that can help them.

The two prominent services and organziations that may provide help for students is VITA and Bookstein Tax Clinic, which will also support students if they run into any snags with the IRS.

“We will fight for you on your behalf,” said Kiledjian.