Palma Violets bring down the house at The Echo

Madeline Sensibile

Palma Violets are the band you to need to be watching right now. The London-based four-piece released the monumental debut “180” back in January 2013, and are about to drop their sophomore effort “Danger in the Club” at the beginning of May. The band are currently on the road for a few warm up gigs, and made at stop at LA’s The Echo for a sold out show this past Wednesday.

Palma Violets took the stage at 11PM right after a hilarious set from LA-based band No Parents. The Londoners tore through what was about a 15 song set. Their set included songs mainly from “180,” but also included a few new jams.

Having seen Palma Violets several times in 2013, the excitement for seeing them after a long hiatus was extremely exciting. Bassist and “Best of Friends” singer Chilli Jesson charged out on stage at 11PM ready for action.

Sam Fryer, guitarist and lead singer, immediately started playing the notes of “Rattlesnake Highway” to a jam packed crowd. The energy level went through the roof at that moment, the crowd immediately jumping up and down ready for more.

The Echo was just the right fit for Palma Violets to have a warm up gig in, as they used to play to crowds of only 50-100 of their closest friends at studio 180 in England. Wednesday night’s venue may have housed a few more people, but the vibe in the room was infectious, with people from all walks of life there to see just what these guys have been up to.

Old favorites were played like the slow-burning “Chicken Dippers,” as well as the emotional “Last of the Summer Wine.” The band’s rendition of “Last of the Summer Wine” elicited quite the response from the crowd, with the band’s BFF/roadie Harry Violent making the crowd get down on their knees and raise their hands just to jump up in time for the pinnacle point of the song.

Palma Violets also ripped through The Clash-inspired new track, “Girl, You Couldn’t Do Much Better on the Beach,” which the audience already knew and loved. Along with that song, the band played 2 other new songs, that don’t have names just yet. Regardless, they sound excellent and true to the band’s sound.

The set was closed out a bit early with “14,” the final track on “180,” which also happens to be an appropriate show closer. Of course, the audience wanted more as the band left the stage, and luckily, they came back for a 2-song encore of “We Found Love” and a cover of “California Sun.”