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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Xtreme Weekly Issue 13: 4Down1Up

Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor


4Down1Up just released a video of Shawn McIntosh and Phil Martin shredding an indoor skate park. With Miles Rogoish behind the lens the video came out pretty cool. Basically, 4Down1Up is putting together a compilation of different “teams” of riders filming their own sections and submitting it to 4Down1Up. This is the second video to be released, with the first one being “TeamLacey” featuring none other than Dan Lacey. The two videos are completely different because the riders have different styles, but that is the point.

Rodeo Peanut, the guys behind the infamous Instagram page that slams on BMX pros for a number of different reasons, just re-uploaded their full length video called “Pu Pu Platter” with a bunch of big east coast names featured including Edwin DeLaRosa, Jared Washington, and Vinnie Sammon to name a few. The video is sick and just brings back memories of when I first started riding. Thirty pound bikes and 7” handlebars were the standard.


Independent’s “F#ck the Rest” Northwest tour has begun and they just released part one. Roughly three and a half minutes of the best concrete skating in the northwest, the team kills it. If you’re a fan of skatepark and bowl riding this video is for you.

Flip’s Denny Pham releases his “It’s a Phamtastic World” part for everyones viewing pleasure. He does one of the cleanest Nollie inward heels I’ve ever seen of a wedge thing. He rides some of the best looking spots, obviously in a different country, not sure which though. The video just makes me want to travel and ride somewhere new. He kills everything and without hitting rails or tranny he can keep your attention. Sick video, hands down.


Lick the Cat or LTC for short, released a video titled “Tornado” in which Spencer Schubert, Ben Bilodeau, Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Max Warbington and others just put out solid snowboarding. They hit rails and jumps, they do it all and with grace. Snowbaording at its finest, check the video out here.

The Launch 2015 presented by Volcom day 3 video took place at Mammoth. These kids, late teens and early twenties, ride the most ideal hips and rails available. They ride with so much talent and really prove a point that age is just a number, especially when it comes to snowboarding. These kids ride as if they have been doing it their whole lives and some of them have been, but regaurdless they all make it look good. Watch the video here.


The surf for Ventura is not looking so good this week. According to Surfline it will be fair by Thursday, but even then the swell will be between three and four feet. Not much to say about it, except you should hope that the predictions are wrong.

Santa Monica is the same as Ventura, expect the best day to be Thursday for surf. The swell is expected to be going down through Sunday so if you want to try to get out, again Thursday is your best bet.

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