Things to do before graduation


Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Cicely Chisholm

With the semester coming to a close and graduation rapidly approaching, there are some things graduating seniors can experience only on campus. These CSUN specific activities can serve as the start of your very own bucket list.

  • See a show at the VPAC: There are plenty of events at the beautiful Visual Performing Arts Center to see, including plays, concerts and performances. The design alone is enough to convince you to at least walk inside. There are tours you can book as well. If there’s a performance you want to see, see if you can grab rush ticket prices the week of, where students only spend $12 and faculty and staff get $17.
  • Go to a sports game: There are plenty of sports teams to cheer on, and regular season home games are free with your student I.D. Check out softball and baseball for some school spirit. Also, if given the chance, be sure to visit The Matadome, which had a new floor installed recently.
  • Buy produce at the Farmers Market: With the market in full swing, there should be no excuse to not visit as least once. There is a variety of food and produce to choose from, and it’s relatively cheap for the college budget. Here are some ideas you can cook up using only ingredients from the market.
  • Eat and have a beer at The Pub: It’s one of the only places to get a beer on campus, so take advantage while you can. The food is good too, which includes burgers, wraps and Mexican food. There’s usually something on TV while there to take a break between classes, including sports games. If there’s a game on, The Pub is usually packed.
  • Work out, take a class or rock climb at the SRC: The SRC is something everybody should at least walk into, but while there, might as well learn kickboxing or use the three story rock climbing wall. It has three stories filled with workout gear and courts.
  • Go to a campus event (like the Big Show or Matador Nights): These campus specific events will bring out your school pride, and the opportunities are great for meeting new people and having fun with friends.
  • Spend time at the Oviatt LIbrary: The library is famous, used as the Star Fleet Academy and Sky High. Walk up the steps, pull up a seat and use the resources available.
  • Visit the Botanic Garden: Tucked away next to the USU, this garden features a variety of plants that is secluded enough to be a great place for some peace and quiet.
  • Put roses at the foot of the Matador Statue: This is a tradition usually reserved for sports teams after they win, but I’m sure any occasion could work, including graduating. The statue is located across the USU.
  • Feed a squirrel: Squirrels seem to be rampant on this campus and are very friendly, or at least brave enough to get close to humans. Throw some bread their way at least once.
  • See the top of Sierra Hall: There is an outdoor balcony on the third floor of Sierra Hall that offers a more unique view of CSUN. Climb up with some lunch for a peaceful break. Also, if you head down the hall and up to the seventh floor of Sierra Tower, you get another great view of the campus.
  • Visit the Games Room: Located across the SRC, this space offers billiards, table tennis and console games to spend your hours at. It also hosts a variety of events, like Laugh Your Class Off and Expressions, to see.
  • Watch a show at planetarium: The galaxy is a vast and beautiful place, and if given the opportunity to see it at the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium, take it. It’s $6 a show, or two for $10 for students, and it’s advisable to purchase tickets ahead of time but there might be some at the door.
  • Feed ducks and turtles at the orange grove: The duck pond in the grove has a machine to get food from, and it’s adorable to see them all clamor for your attention.
  • Have trouble finding a parking spot: There’s a chance everyone who drives to campus has had this problem, but there’s little in this world that can bring people together like complaining about parking.
  • Eat at the Orange Bistro: Located outside the orange grove is a restaurant that might be the fanciest place on campus. It’s a nice place to splurge a bit if you have the time. Quote from manager – why do they think it’s special?
  • Visit an art show: Given the plenty of artists on campus, there’s a variety of exhibits to see throughout the year. A little culture never hurt anyone. Currently, the Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition is going on until April 29 in the Main Gallery.
  • Have a drink at a Freudian Sip: The campus has its very own coffee shop with various locations, so it’s hard to miss. Swing by for a coffee or donut at least once.
  • Take a short walk through the rainforest: A small stroll surrounded by nature can take your mind off things, so visit this small pathway located near the Botanical Garden and Plaza Pool for a quick getaway.
  • Get medical services at the Klotz Student Health Center: Take advantage of the medical service offered if you need it. You do pay for it, so use it while you can. The Living Well Center offers a space to relax as well.

This is only the start of things college students can experience, so whether you have two weeks or two years to complete school, see about visiting some of these places in order to make your campus experience that much better.