The YOUniversity Project


Brooke Holland

The YOUniversity Project is a number of multi-part reports and special series produced by The Sundial. It will look into what makes the CSUN student and the factors that go into creating the college experience. The series will continue to develop over the summer.


14074378228_51306958dc_o.jpgCSUN students say goodbye to the fictional college senior year. Students said there are plenty of ways to get involved on campus that will enhance the CSUN experience and make a memorable senior year.





Here’s an exclusive look into what makes the CSUN freshman student. It explains the general statistics about gender, age, ethnicity and the top-six anticipated majors of first-time freshman in 2014.



8721512605_52cc7c86dc_z-640x357Here’s a break down of the six additional school fees that every CSUN student pays along with their semester tuition. Every student pays more than $550 every semester for the services on campus.