Artists looking to connect through No Major, No Problem


Photo courtesy of Ramaj Eroc

Mariah Sherriffe

“No Major, No Problem” brings upcoming entrepreneurs and artists together in West Hollywood to introduce themselves a little bit more on a wider scale of exposure.

This free event will allow rappers, singers, instrumentalist, bloggers and more to network with one another and enjoy themselves with great music and great vibes on Friday, August 21.

“No Major, No Problem” will also consist of a showcase with a follow up with three main artists who are from the same up and coming indie record label called “Surreal Sounds Recordings”. Crested by the host of the event and artist himself, Ramaj Eroc.

“I really want people to leave this event knowing that you don’t have to rely on someone to make it in your career,” said Eroc. “Although we are not signed to label companies, we are still able to do what we want to do.”

Eroc has been in the industry for a while and has developed a following of close to 5,000 followers . His goal is to inspire artists to be independent and follow their dreams.

Another artist who will be performing at “No Major, No Problem,” is Parish Seycloud. He is also a part of the newly anticipated “Surreal Sounds Recordings’ label.

“I’m super excited to be apart of the showcase,” said Seycloud. “ I’m blessed that Ramaj is really out there putting his name on his back along with his crew. He’s very confident and talented at what he does.”

The room will be filled with creative individuals who are all trying to get their name out of there to the world. The music will be a mixed genre of Hip-Hop, R&B, Indie, and Soul.

This is a pristine opportunity for artists to share their craft and add on to their journey to make it big. Musician Hona Costello is thrilled to share his passion with not only his fans but also with artists of similar interest.

“I have be doing music for a long time and being able to inspire others with my sound and lyrics is something I’ve always dreamed of doing,” said Costello.

The No Major, No Problem is simply a networking event that expresses that you can be a major artists and have no problem making it to the top without being signed to a record label. The pure talent of many of these individuals can go a long way without any assistance of a major company.

This is the first No Major, No problem event and more is definitely to come.