Food Column: Sushi without the wait

Farm Boy grocery in Sherman Oaks sells flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables as well as packaged sushi ready to go. Roza Asgharzadeh / The Sundial

Farm Boy grocery in Sherman Oaks sells flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables as well as packaged sushi ready to go. Roza Asgharzadeh / The Sundial

Roza Asgharzadeh

Going out to eat can be a fun and enjoyable activity, but you don’t always have to go to nice restaurants to find quality food.

Sometimes the best food can be found in the most unexpected place. Enter Farm Boy: a local grocery store in Sherman Oaks that offers organic and fresh produce everyday and, more importantly, offers some of the best sushi in they valley.

Owner Mark Oh and most of his staff are Korean, but their 16-year-old store is mostly known for their sushi.

“Even the Japanese love our sushi,” said Jenny Kim, an employee of five years.

In fact, almost every customer in the store was holding at least one package of sushi.

A variety of sushi rolls at Farm Boy sell for under 10 dollars. Roza Asgharzadeh / The Sundial

The quality and flavor of the sushi is not comparable with other supermarket or grocery counter food, and it might even be better than most sushi restaurants.

Farm Boy offers a variety of rolls, nigiris, sushi bowls and seaweed salads, and everything is made fresh throughout the day in the kitchen.

Their spicy tuna roll is one of my favorites — eight big rolls generously filled with spicy tuna, avocado and a choice of brown or white rice, served with the classic ginger, soy sauce and wasabi. Each bite melts in your mouth.

These rolls are so big that it is perfect for sharing or saving half for later, and it costs less than $8. Any of their plates are good to eat at the eating area by the entrance or to take away.

For two more dollars, one can crank it up a notch with the Volcano Roll, which is basically the spicy tuna with crispy shrimp tempura, crab meat, a drizzle of eel sauce and spicy mayo.

Farm Boy’s Spicy Tuna Roll. Roza Asgharzadeh / The Sundial

If you’re not a fish enthusiast, Farm Boy also offers variety of Asian foods such as spring rolls, home made miso soup hot from the stove and Korean takeaway dishes like the Chap Chae, a noodle salad with crispy vegetables infused with sesame.

Chelsea Leech, an employee at the Trader Joe’s located right across from Farm Boy, said she comes here often.

“I’m vegan, so I love coming here for their dried fruits and vegetables. Their fresh exotic fruits are great too,” she said, munching on a pack of dried beets and sipping one of Farm Boy’s fresh made juices while waiting in line for the cashier.

“I come here on all my breaks,” said Leech.

A lady walking by called out, “Their frozen yogurt was amazing, when they had it,” and the locals around concurred.

Farm Boy also has a sandwich counter where they will make any wrap, burrito or sandwich upon request. On the other end of the store is their juice bar, which has a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables ready to get mixed into a nutritious drink.

One of the perks about this grocery store is its location. It is within walking distance from the Sherman Oaks park and from the Westfield Fashion Square, the mall on Riverside and Hazeltine.

Whether you’re in the neighborhood and want a quick meal, or if you’re hungry after a day of shopping at the mall, consider a stroll over to Farm Boy.